SM3.0: La prossimità digitale

L’effetto principale dell’innovazione digitale è, per dirlo con una parola sola, la creazione di prossimità: la digitalizzazione consente di trasformare ogni informazione in un pacchetto di dati, trasmissibile ad altissima velocità, senza perdere nessun elemento di contenuto, in modo affidabile e sicuro. La sfida, per chi si occupa di applicare …

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Socialising Art with the Blockchain

Current state of affairs Art’s system has largely remained unchanged in the last few centuries; if anything, it has moved back from museums, community centres and public projects to the private spaces of collectors. Typically, the genesis of a piece of art follows these main steps: Artists design or produce …

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A Blockchain-Based Approach for Academic Scientific Publishing

Current state of affairs Academic and scientific publishing has a very specific set of requirements and a peculiar editing process. The latter can be summarised as follows: Authors submit their works (generally an abstract and subsequently, if the abstract is accepted, a full paper) for review; Reviewers receive an anonymised …

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