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The coronavirus outbreak in Italy is closely monitored by the national health service, to contain the epidemic and provide the most appropriate response.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a quick and effective early reporting system, involving family doctors as the first line of help and the gateway for diagnosis and treatment.

We are proud to have been selected by FIMMG, the largest Italian union of medical practitioners, for the development of two apps.

The first one, CoVtest.App, is addressed to physicians and assists them in the decision-making process associated with the reports of symptoms and the elaboration of the case history.

The second one, CoVtest.Me, open to all citizens, provides a reference for a quick yet dependable self-estimation before deciding to involve healthcare services; it also gives detailed information on the correct procedures to be used, in order to best contain the risk of epidemic.

Both apps are providing very useful data on their use, which could be another precious tool in the management of the outbreak and the best use of healthcare resources. Most of all, these apps are effective solutions for the empowerment of doctors and patients and the provisioning of uniform and dependable guidelines.

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