Blockchain as Lubricant for the Job Market Gears

Current state of affairs From an economic point of view, the job market has always been characterized by two peculiarly pronounced features: Search Costs Job seekers have to find information about available job offerings, apply to them and keep track of the applications. Companies have to post job offerings, receive …

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A Blockchain-Based Approach for Academic Scientific Publishing

Current state of affairs Academic and scientific publishing has a very specific set of requirements and a peculiar editing process. The latter can be summarised as follows: Authors submit their works (generally an abstract and subsequently, if the abstract is accepted, a full paper) for review; Reviewers receive an anonymised …

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ALLi foresees a more author-centered industry thanks to the blockchain

In its white paper Authors and the Blockchain, the Alliance of Independent Authors is hoping a “Self-Publishing 3.0” revolution will bring an author-centered financial model for the first time in publishing history.
Is it an informed and realistic assessment of the possible impact of 
blockchain technology?
critical review by Stefano Tombolini, blockchain analyst and WordPress implementer at Tombolini & Associati.

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